Waves Coffee Co - Espresso Blend Coffee 250g

Waves Coffee Co - Espresso Blend Coffee 250g

The Espresso Blend is Waves Coffee Co. most popular coffee, the reason for this is it’s a great all rounder, three carefully selected beans blended together that work beautifully together.


This guarantees a great tasting Espresso coffee that works extremely well in all Espresso based drinks (even the tipple variety)

Perfect in all espresso machines.


The three varieties carefully chosen for this coffee blend are:

  • Brazil (natural) 17/18, NY2/3, SSFC
  • Vietnam (natural) Robusta
  • Ethiopia (fully washed) Yirgacheffe Konga


The green beans are hand roasted to a medium roast and then they post blend them to their extract ratios.

This blend will give you tasting notes of chocolate, fruit and nuts.


This perfectly roasted Espresso Blend is perfect for any coffee shop, restaurant or bar and of course any home Espresso machine


250g Home Barista Bags

Available in Whole Bean or Ground.



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