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Pastel Egg & Twig Door Wreath Easter Decoration

SKU: 40012

This beautiful wreath made from speckled eggs entwined with fine twigs makes a lovely Easter wreath or table decoration.
It is the perfect depiction of what Easter represents.
The looped twigs representing the strength of nature as spring comes into full force and seeds, plants and trees come to life.
They also give the piece a really organic and natural feel.

The eggs reinforce that message of new beginnings.
There are a mix of green, beige, blue, pink and yellow eggs which are the colours associated with a clear spring sky, fresh green grass and beautiful seasonal flowers.

Whether you are creating a table decoration, decorating a wall or welcoming spring in by placing the wreath on your door it will make a lovely feature.

Gisela Graham has captured the essence of Spring and of Easter in this delicate arrangement.

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