Mini Cake Sparklers Candles 10cm (4") Pk 10

PACK OF 10 ROYAL PARTY - 4” INCH (10cm)  



Pack Of 10 Royal Party - 4” Inch Small Mini Sparklers 



    •    Sparkler Type: Mini Indoor Sparklers

    •    Sparkler Coating: Grey

    •    Sparkler Burn Effect: Gold

    •    Sparkler Used For: Cake / Food / Dessert

    •    Sparkler Safety Caution: Under Adult Supervision at All Times

    •    Outdoor Sparklers: Yes, Low Smoke Levels

    •    Sparkler  Cat 1 Low Risk

    •    4" Inch length sparklers last around 25 Seconds


Pack of 10 Royal Party - 4" Inch Small Mini Sparklers come in a pack of 10 sparklers in 4 inches size to insert on food or cakes.


Mini sparklers are often used in celebrations in place of candles 

(especially when its large birthday milestone) 


Best placed in the cake or dessert - then light with a flame lighting device.

The silver coating needs a flame to ignite.

Conventional matches are not recommended.


Adds a professional look to your grand entrance to creating a little excitement during a  cake presentation.


A great way to impress your loved one and guests.



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