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An Elephant's Crossing is a very special micro-lot coffee. It's grown in the picturesque, Rwenzori mountain region in Uganda where African elephants roam freely across the coffee plantation.

This coffee is processed by a small co-operative of farmers, who grow some "old school" varietals of coffees that are rarely seen in the wider coffee drinking world. It's hand-picked and floated in water tanks then

sun-dried. Once it gets to our roastery we use a  totally bespoke airflow pattern to roast it and the finished product is truly stunning.

We pick up boozy raisin flavours alongside notes of toffee and toasted caramel. It offers a light to medium body with a medium-high acidity.


Tasting Notes - Boozy Raisin   -   Toffee


Roast Degree - Medium (City Roast)


Origin - Uganda - Rwenzori


Farm / Estate - Rwenzori Farming Cooperative


Varietal - Nyasaland, Bugisu, SL28, SL34


Altitudes - 1600 - 1800 masl (Uganda)


Processing Method - Hand Picked, Floated, Sun Dried


Roasters brewing recommendations;


V60 recipe - 12.5/13g coffee, medium coarse grind. 30g water at 93-94c, stir. 160g more water over 1:30mins. Full brew time target 2:40mins


Aeropress recipe - 13g coffee, medium grind. 30g water 93-94c, stir. 170g water all in. Stir. Leave for 45-60secs. Extract. Full brew time 1:30-1:45mins


Cafetiere - (3 person cafetiere) . 40g coffee, coarse grind. 90g water 93-94c in, stir. All water in to an inch under pouring spout, stir. Place lid on. Wait 2-3mins. Push plunger to just under the pouring spout, not to the bottom of the cafetiere. Pour and serve. Do not leave to brew beyond 3 mins.


Espresso - 93c shot temp. Single 12.5g dry in to 20-22g out. Shot timer target 22-24 secs (from first drop hitting the cup). Double - 18g dry in to 34-36g out. Shot target timer 23-26 secs. 


Size: 225g Ground