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A MOUSE'S TALE - Espresso Coffee


A Mouse's Tale is our house roast, it is a truly handcrafted and versatile blend that works fantastic in all varieties of coffee brewing methods.


Consisting of a three bean blend, each bean is separately hand roasted at our roastery in Yorkshire before being blended in exact quantities, to produce a beautifully crafted cup - every time.


The blend is made using a Brazilian Bourbon varietal that has been

hand-picked and dry processed, a Vietnamese Robusta varietal that has been wet processed and finally a very special micro-lot Ugandan Nyasaland, Bugisu, SL28, SL34 varietal that has been hand-picked, floated, then sun-dried (the Ugandan bean is our show-stopping "An Elephant's Crossing" coffee that really pumps up the fruity notes).

This combination of different coffee beans offers a full-bodied, rich and deep drink with tasting notes of milk chocolate, toasted nuts and dried fruit.


Tasting Notes - Milk Chocolate  -  Toasted Nuts  -  Dried Fruit


Roast Degree - Medium/Dark (full city)


Origins - Brazil  |  Vietnam  |  Uganda


Farm / Estate - Northern Minas Gerais (Brazil)  |  Dep Lam (Vietnam)  |  Nyabubare (Uganda)


Processing Method -

Brazilian - Hand-picked, Dry processed.

Vietnamese - Wet processed.

Ugandan - Hand-picked, natural, sun-dried.


Size: 225g Ground