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Prillys Candle Company!

We’ve made the first steps into our own branded candles....we have a lovely supplier onboard and the journey has begun!

Its amazing how the simplest of things suddenly evolves into a much deeper design to make...from the choice of vessel...the style...the labels...and thats before you choose your fragrances...

We hope to have them Instore & Online by mid October....very exciting...we hope we can fulfil all your candle needs very soon.....

✂️A Work in Progress ✂️ We have been busy brainstorming! Tbh this has been buzzing about in our heads for at least two years) We always wanted to develop our own candle range, but it never really grew wings....the other things on the do list along with life in general always took over. So having had chance to chat to some very helpful people, we have made a start ~ mock ups have been made ~ names & fragrances are on the table....we are lucky to have some great contacts with quality input, so watch this space as we move closer to the finished range x  If any of our lovely customers have a favourite candle fragrance, please let us know. Prilly’s X
Prillys Candle Company

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